Lever Action Gunsmithing

Mad Pig Customs is proud to offer our services to the lever action rifle community. Whether you like the classic, clean lines of a Marlin 336 and want some simple enhancements like an trigger upgrade and action job to clean up the action, or you want an NFA short barreled 1894 in .38 with a custom Midwest Industries M-Lok handguard and a tucked suppressor, we can do it all. If your grandfather's rifle was handed down and you just want it cleaned up and restored, we can do all of that. 

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We do not work on Winchester lever action rifles. 

We do work on the following rifles and their variants, this is not a complete list, if you don't see your rifle on here, emails us. 

Marlin 336 

Marlin 1895 

Marlin 1894

Henry Big Boy

Henry Mare's Leg

Henry Lever Action 30-30

Henry Lever Action 45-70

Henry Long Ranger

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